Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Legal Notice

Your name & Associates

Suit No. ----------------------, ----------------- Goth, Gulistan e Jauhar, Block # 09 , Karachi.
Advocates, Attorneys, Solicitors & Legal Consultants.

---------------------- S/o ------------------------- (MTT)
Hyderabad Cantt.

Subject:      Legal Notice

Under exclusive instructions of my client namely ---------------------- S/o -------------------- Resident of Village & P/o Deh Sohu, Taluka Kot Deji, Distt. Khairpur Mirs, presently resident of Flat No. ------------------, PIA Township, Airport, Karachi. Would like to address you as under.

1.      That my client above said is your father and unfortunately same has been made out / driven from your house alongwith your mother even till today you did not bother to take any care or as given any penny to them for their sustenance and to have the medical assistance, it was your prime responsibility being the elder son but you have been failed to do so.

2.      That being a son and having sufficient source of income it was your core responsibility to take the ultimate care of your parents as same is in order of almighty Allah that “it is the ultimate and fundamental responsibility/duty offspring who are adults and having resources, take proper care of oldie parents exclusively but unfortunately you did not fulfilled the said divine command and made your parents arrogant and unhappy and same is the violation of natural justice.

3.      That rather giving the assistance to your father and mother inspite of such good deed you have given the feed back of their taking care of child hood and milk which has been feuded in you, you have given the mental injuries to them.

4.      That the said illegal, unnatural and unhuman  tactics taken you very far from the parental love and affection, consequently the arrogance / unhappiness of your father and mother compiled them because of your such tacktis to disconnect the such relationship of son and father and disconnect you also from all the property of father as you have been (AAK) from all the property of  your father hence being a council of your father your are hereby issued instant legal notice that from the reception of this legal notice and publication in the news paper you would be the son of my client above said no more.

5.      That after the reception of this legal notice as well as publication in the news paper of (AAKNAMA) my client above said would not be held responsible from your any deed, deal, responsibility are some thing else, nor you would be competent to claim a share of the property from my client above said.


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